Nord LB Building - Hannover, Germany

Nord LB Building
Behnisch, Behnisch & Partner
Bank Building

This amazing  building is situated in Hanover, Germany. It is a beautiful man made structure and a technique of giving a warm work atmosphere to approximately 1500 staff members of the bank.

The building also includes a restaurant and an exhibition center for the staff of the bank. The structure is a very good method of going green, as it is an Eco-friendly design built to reduce carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere by maximizing the use of natural daylight. Such beautiful and efficient structures add to the beauty of the city. The building is new and is recently completed and is the hottest tourist destination of Hanover.

The building appears like a number of steel and glass boxed are piled over each other. The best part of the building is the good restaurant for the staff of the bank. The restaurant has a roof in shape of butterfly wings and also a tower that is approximately 20 meters tall and it changes colors with the changing position of the sun. The thought of it is so beautiful and natural that it has turned to be the major tourist attractions of the city.


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